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Silvercloud Tracking Key v2 GPS LandAirSea 1505

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  • Ultra Compact and Portable GPS Tracker
  • Records a Vehicle’s GPS Location Data
  • GPS Location Accuracy within 7′
  • Average Battery Life: Approx. 2 Weeks
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Land Air Sea’s GPS Tracking Key 2 is an ultra portable and compact GPS tracker that can be placed inside, outside or underneath a vehicle thanks to its powerful integrated, magnetized, water-resistant mount. Two AAA batteries are required to power the device, and they are capable of recording a vehicle’s location data up to 100 hours to the tracker’s internal flash memory. To review GPS data logs, simply transfer the files to your Windows or Mac computer and directly upload them to Flashback, a cloud-based service where data is stored for two weeks and is accessible on-demand via your Land Air Sea’s password protected web-based user account. You can transfer and store data logs to your computer or opt for unlimited Flashback cloud storage for a yearly $35 subscription.

This GPS data logger works internationally, and it is accurate within 7′ and continuously logs driving speed as well as displays each day’s maximum driving speed, making it an optimal monitoring solution for private or fleet vehicles. Additionally, the tracker logs GPS location data, the date and time of every stop made, arrival addresses, miles traveled, and even lets you print easy-to-read text based reports.

Lastly, this tracker is powered by two AAA batteries that can provide up to 2 weeks of battery life on two hours of driving time per day. Unlike other comparable trackers, the GPS Tracking Key requires no service plan or includes any hidden monthly fees.

Note: This product will only work in the U.S. It also requires the user to purchase a separately sold data plan for full operation capabilities.

Keep watch from the sky without ever leaving the ground.

GPS not only helps when you are lost, but also help to keep track of assets and loved ones. This technological advancement has assisted numerous sectors of economical growth within the modern age and still has plenty of room for your needs as well. If you have something of value, keep opportunities for mischief away. Whether you are wanting to track the location of your industrial cargo or securing the safekeeping of your personal vehicle, Spy Security Direct has the right device available.

  • All the associated applications/apps for our GPS devices are free to download. Each device has a unique identification which prevents duplicate tracking signals.
  • Logged updates are available for both subscription-plan devices and 3g trackers. You can retrace the locations of the GPS device for analysis whenever needed.
  • Using data transfer, you can extract data for law enforcement, or attorneys, to ensure justice.


SKU 1505
Maximum Number of Satellites 16
Horizontal Accuracy 7′ (2.5 m)
Communication Protocol NMEA
Data Output Flash memory (non-volatile)
Storage Capacity Approx. 100 hours of driving time
Operating Systems Supported Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista
Mac OS X
System Requirements CPU: Pentium 3,500 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
Hard disk: 400 MB free space
Network speed: 128 kb/s
Graphics card: 3D=capable w/ 16 MB or VRAM
Screen: 1024 x 768; 16-bit High Color screen
Recommended Configuration Supported CPU: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz+ or AMD 2400 xp+
RAM: 512 MB
Hard disk: 2 GB free space
Network speed: 768 kbs/sec
Graphics card: 3D-capable w/ 32 MB of VRAM
Screen: 1280 x 1024; 32-bit True Color screen
Power Source 2 x AAA batteries
Battery Life (approx.) 1 hour per day: 3 weeks
2 hours per day: 2 weeks
4 hours per day: 1 week
Power Draw Track mode: 49 mA
Sleep mode: 0.072 mA
Sleep Mode Entry 2 minutes without movement
Cold Start GPS Acquisition Time 41 seconds
Warm Start 33 seconds
Housing Material Water-resistant ABS plastic
Mount Type Magnet
Operating Temperature -15 to 185°F (-26 to 85°C)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3.8 x 1.5 x 1.3″ (96.5 x 38.1 x 33.0 mm)

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  • No subscription data tracking or paid cloud service
  • Second-to-second data capture
  • 100 hour capacity internal memory
  • Load data via computer USB
  • Historical route playback
  • Works worldwide
  • Motion sensor conserves battery when idle
  • GPS accuracy within 7ft
  • Records all routes, stops, idle duration, addresses, mileage calculation.
  • Printable daily activity reports
  • Pocket-sized design
  • Magnet-mount equipped
  • 24/7 tech support


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