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iTrail Snap OBD-ll Port Vehicle GPS Live Position Tracker KJBSecurity GPS901

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  • OBD-ll Port
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Built-In Motion Detection
  • Verizon CDMA
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iTrail Snap is the easiest way to begin tracking a vehicle. Insert the iTrail Snap into your On Board Diagnostic Port (OBD-II) and you’ll be tracking in minutes. Because you are using the OBD-II port you never have to worry about battery life. Using CDMA GPS, the signal is powered by Verizon in the exclusive iTrail Live GPS Tracking Platform.

Perfect for rental vehicles and tracking shipment operations, the live tracking system updates vehicle stops, starts, and location for remote GPS viewing.

Note: Activation and a monthly plan with Verizon are required for use and are available separately.

Keep watch from the sky without ever leaving the ground.

GPS not only helps when you are lost, but also help to keep track of assets and loved ones. This technological advancement has assisted numerous sectors of economical growth within the modern age and still has plenty of room for your needs as well. If you have something of value, keep opportunities for mischief away. Whether you are wanting to track the location of your industrial cargo or securing the safekeeping of your personal vehicle, Spy Security Direct has the right device available.

  • All the associated applications/apps for our GPS devices are free to download. Each device has a unique identification which prevents duplicate tracking signals.
  • Logged updates are available for both subscription-plan devices and 3g trackers. You can retrace the locations of the GPS device for analysis whenever needed.
  • Using data transfer, you can extract data for law enforcement, or attorneys, to ensure justice.


Signal Type Cellular
Position Track Autonomous <2.5M
Sensitivity -162dBm
Time to First Fix (TTFF) Hot Start <1 second, Aided start <1 second, Cold start <30 second
Static RAM 32 MB
Digital Input/Output No
Channel Capability Up to 50 parallel channels
Receiver uBlox NEO 6M (GPS, Galileo&Sbase) engine
Internal Modem/Transmitter Modem, uBlox LEON G100
CDMA Bands 800/1900 MHz
GPRS Class 10/Station
Signal Class Class B, TCP/IP over PPP
Antenna Internal Unit
Cell Provider Verizon CDMA
Configuration USB

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1.3 in
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KJB Security

KJB Security Brand


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