Digital Investigation Kit


  • Recover deleted cell phones, computers, USB & other storage devices, and SIM cards
  • Easy-to-use all in one kit
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Investigation & Deleted Data Recovery Device for Cell Phones and Windows Computers

The Digital Investigation Kit gives you the tools you need to investigate almost anything digital. Recover deleted cell phones, computers, USB & other storage devices, and SIM cards. Scan computers for pornographic images and videos. Log all audio on or around Windows computers. Investigate instant messenger chat logs. You can even back up photos and case file data.

What’s Included:

  • iRecovery Stick – Recovers data from iPhones, iPads, and iTunes Backup Files
  • Phone Recovery Stick – Recovers data from Android devices from all manufacturers
  • Data Recovery Stick – Recovers deleted data from PCs
  • Porn Detection Stick – Scans PCs for pornography
  • SIM Card Seizure – Recovers deleted SMS from SIM cards from older feature phones
  • Chat Stick – Find and analyze chat logs from Skype, Yahoo!, and more
  • Voice Logger – Security tool that turns PCs into audio recorders
  • 64 GB Backup USB Drive – Use for case data – includes the Photo Backup Stick software
  • Data Cables – Micro USB cable for Androids and Apple Lightning cable for iOS devices
  • Canvas Carrying Case – Fits everything you need with room to add your own stuff

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Recovers Deleted Data

The tools in the Digital Investigation Stick is based on Paraben’s trusted mobile forensic technology. It recovers deleted data directly from Android phones & tablets, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, iTunes backup files, Windows computers, USB drives, mass storage devices, or SIM cards. The kit also includes the ability to scan for pornographic images and videos (including deleted photos). Other tools include Chat Stick to analyze chat logs from instant messengers and Voice Logger to turn your computer into a personal dictation device, secret voice recorder, and security tool.

Deleted Data Recovery

Recovering deleted data from cell phones is very difficult. Now you have the power of digital forensics to recover everything from SMS, call logs, contacts, calendar entries, internet data, photos, and more. You can recover data from the phones, SIM card, microSD card, and even iTunes backup files.

Examine All User Data

Cell phones contain too much information for anyone to examine by just looking through the phone. Now you can view all the conversations, call logs, pictures, and other data buried deep in the device so you can see it all. You can even search by keyword, bookmark important data, and create an Excel report of everything you find.


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